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Module 2 - COOCC Mental Health Safety Awareness Program




2 Hours

About the Chaplaincy Program

This is (Module 2) of the COOCC Mental Health Safety Certification. You must have completed the COOCC Mental Health First Aid Workshop and the Module 1 Introduction of this program to be able to participate in Module 2.

Chaplains, there is a 'HIGH' demand for workplace mental health programs, supports, and resources that is greater than ever. It’s time to equip yourself with mental health training and remove the stigma of shame and fear around mental illness. You need to know the risk factors for mental health, understand the common signs and symptoms of mental health issues and how to recognize when an individual or youth might be struggling with mental health issues and access tools, resources, and information to help address mental health in the workplace.

Reminder: You must have completed the COMHSA Workshop & Module 1 first before you can book this Module 2.

Your Instructor

Rev. Chaplain Michelle

Head Senior Chaplain - Instructor Trainer

Rev. Chaplain Michelle
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