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Welcome to the Chaplains Connection Centre!


The Chaplains Network

This is our Chaplains Network. It's a great opportunity for our Chaplains to provide information about the services they provide.  We will be adding all the relevant details you want to share with the community and with our members & website visitors.

The Chaplains Network is also for advertising, videos, podcasts, and/or flyers with upcoming events of various Chaplains throughout the world. 

The Chaplains Corner

What is the Chaplains Corner?


Chaplains Corner

The Chaplains Corner

The Chaplains Corner is a platform that allows any Chaplain to interview anyone in the world about a topic, a situation, a testimony, etc...It allows for a question to be expanded upon, therefore creating a topic. (Such as: why should get married?

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The Chaplains Talk Show

Register Now to be on the Chaplains Talk Show.

This is an In-House talk show to sit down and talk with Chaplains directed by the host Rev. Chaplain Michelle, this serves as an interview with a Chaplain or Chaplains at a table, speaking to what they are doing as Chaplains in the community.

Thanks for Registering!

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