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Services We Offer

As an increasingly popular teacher and leader, Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation has received a lot of notice in the press and media. See some of the articles and updates about us below and read some of our latest resources and writings.

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Funeral Services

Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation takes the time to plan and work with all families during a time of mourning or when their loved one is about to pass away. This can be an emotional or financial burden for you. We help to lighten the load. Please feel free to contact us to discuss pre-arrangements, memorials, interment services or gravesite service for you or your loved one. We have various Chaplains that can conduct the funeral service, memorial service or interment on your behalf for ALL denominations & religions.

Japanese Funeral
Baby Baptism Ceremony

Religious Services

Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation provides religious services in all areas. Baptisms, Christenings, Baby Dedications, Funeral services, wedding officiant, memorials, communion and many more services...

Business Cards

PRICES START AT $25.00 & up + taxes & shipping if you require delivery. This all depends on the type of cards you wish to have!

Matte or Glossy
Standard or Round Edged Card

For More Info:
Please fill out the business card order form
for us to contact you and get your details.


Personal Counseling & Consultation

-Stress & Depression


-Budget Financing

-Spiritual Care

-Prayer Requests

-Argument Clinic

Chaplains Talk Show

Connect with Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation and share your skill, story or ministry nationwide throughout the world & community. Enjoy the perks of being a Chaplain. Register now to be on the Chaplains Talk Show in Toronto. This can also be done online for those who are out of town! We are so excited to hear from our Chaplains that are out in the community. 


We can stream live video from your location, or from our Studio Set at our institution right here in our office in Toronto Ontario.


Contact us today, and let us help make your next meeting, corporate event, video podcast or webcast a streaming success! Find out how! Contact us at: 647.345.5523

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

activities& venues

Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation has activities for Seniors & Youths! Inquire about our

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