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At the

 Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation,

Chaplains are specially trained on how to serve and work with people of all Nationalities & Faiths.

Chaplain Commitments

Chaplains commit themselves under oath to be available for crisis and emergency situations, including accidents and other related needs. They also help those who are struggling with perplexing questions about suffering, death and the meaning of life.

Our Commitment to Results

There are more than 40 different areas of Chaplaincy that you may wish to go into after graduation and we are happy to help you with your desired area to serve as a Registered, Licensed & Certified Chaplain with us. You will become a member of one of the most prestigious organizations & ministries in the world.

Family Member of Chaplains

We receive calls for Chaplains to serve in many different areas. God is waiting for you to fill these positions or create your own ministry in His name. Each student is served as a family member of Chaplains, not just a number! We cherish the opportunity to help you in any way we can before and many years after graduation.

Non-Denominational / Non-Religious / Code of Ethics

Chaplains provide Non-Denominational spiritual guidance and are often seen in the communities, recognized in their clergy attire, special ID cards and registered numbered badge, which they carry with great conviction, love and admiration for everyone. With full support from us, they can provide the professional and dedicated care required in today’s changing world.


Our President & Co-Founder


Head Senior Chaplain - CEO - Para Funeral Director

Pastor - Certified Christian Counsellor - LPC

Rev. Chaplain Michelle Harper

President-CEO-Senior Chaplain

Para Funeral Director

Certified Counsellor LPC

Chaplain Michelle Harper of CHAPLAINS OFFICE OF CANADA CORPORATION, envisioned to serve the Lord by the needs of others. The plan was to open a private schooling program that would enable students to become licensed, certified, and registered Chaplains. She then specialized in a series of behaviour modification, thus building many companies & churches as her first business was a motivational coach. Fast forward, Rev. Chaplain Harper continued to pursue her career by serving her community under the Lord's will. Michelle believes in simplicity in life and in work. Focus on what is important and success reveals itself. Take care of God's people, focus on all communities and act on what is important. Eventually, Chaplain Michelle Harper established CHAPLAINS OFFICE OF CANADA CORPORATION where she hopes​ to help you learn to help others through chaplaincy!

Phone: 437.226.0043


Chaplain Joseph DiFranceso


Chaplain Joseph DiFranceso the Vice-President of Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation is an accomplished healthcare professional as a Registered, Licensed & Certified Chaplain. Joseph creates leading-edge community-family support solutions in support of our organization's missions and goals while providing best-in class services for COOCC and healthcare institutions throughout the GTA and surrounding areas.


Joseph understands primary care and the complementary function of our leading-edge technology solutions. He is recognized for his strong project management & leadership skills.

Phone: 1.437.226.0043

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