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Chaplains Health Benefits

Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation is investing in your well-being through a few different Health Benefit Plans for our organization. If you need more information and/or you are interested in getting Health Benefits, please book an appointment to discuss the type of plan you are looking for by clicking the button below. Ask also about our Life Insurance Policies!

Examples of 'Benefit Plans Available' to all our Chaplains & Students

This is an affordable alternative to traditional insured health benefits without the costly renewal surprises. You can control & not lose the benefits if you don't use it. There will be an upcoming webinar next month to discuss the different plans. 


Get coverage for prescription drugs, professional health services & so much more...


Going to the dentist can get very pricey, especially if you need more than just a standard checkup. With the right dental coverage, you can reduce your dental bill. Chaplains have a discounted rate to help with premium dental work. 

Eye Care

including eyeglasses, contact lenses, and prescription swimming goggles to correct eyesight – prescription needed.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses (outside of Canada) – the cost of the transportation and travel expenses (for example, taxis, bus, or train etc.) and travel expenses, including accommodations, meals, and parking, when a Chaplain is required to travel 80 kilometres or more (one way) from their home to get medical services outside of Canada.

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