(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chaplain?

A Chaplain is a person who spiritually represents and conducts Non-Denominational services. To become a Chaplain in our private school, it does not require a Theological Educationor Bachelor Degree. Only a certification through Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation. This will help a chaplain contribute to their own ministry. Chaplains at one time used to represent only the christian faith, but now they represent ALL Denonimations.

What is a Chaplain's main objective?

A Chaplain's main objective is to help anyone in need.

The Chaplaincy Certification Training Program

Our Chaplaincy Certification Training Program enables students to become Registered, Licensed, Ordained and Certified.

What is the duration of the Chaplaincy Training Program?

The duration of this training course is dependant upon the student. However, the average finish time is from six to eight months.

What happens upon completion of the course?

Upon completion of the Chaplaincy Training Program, students will receive their Certificate of Ordination, along with their Registered Identification Card, Badge and a FULL Ordination Service through the Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation, or in front of their own congregation/church, if they prefer. They will also be listed on our National Registry List as Active an in Good Standing!

What is the cost of the Chaplaincy Certification Training Program?

$2,500.00 + taxes = $2,825.00

Do we accept or is there any payment plans available?

Yes. Payment plans are available. Please contact our office at 647.345.5523 to discuss alternative & flexible payment plans.

Is the Chaplaincy Course only done online?

No. Our program is amazingly flexible when it comes to the training. Our students range with various ages from 21 years old to 86 years of age. Not everyone is savvy with computers, so the training is simplified. We do most of our training by Video/Phone Conferencing Online for students who are not in Canada and are out-of-town. We also have hands-on in class training in a few locations including our Head Office in Toronto and Brantford, Ontario.

How much is the Application Fee to begin the course?

The Application Fee is $100.00, for all new registrants and is non-refundable. The Application Fee can be paid securely on our website on our Registration Page or by E-transfer, Visa/Mastercard & Money Order.

Is the Application Fee a part of the Chaplaincy Program fee?

No. The Application Fee is NOT part of the Chaplaincy Program fee. This is a separate fee that is mandatory for all new students and is non-refundable!

When can I start the program?

Anytime that you are ready to begin, you can start immediately! Just download and fill out the application online, call us or even fill out the contact us form so we can send application to you directly. If you have any questions about the application, please feel free to contact us at: 1 (647) 345-5523 or Toll Free: 1 (833) COOCCTO / 266-2286

How long does it take to process my application once I have paid the $100.00 application fee?

After your payment of $100.00 for your Application Fee has been received, it takes approximately anywhere from 2 to 10 business days, depending on your reference checks and administration.


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