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Plans & Pricing

Below are different plans & pricing packages for New Applicants, Chaplain Membership Fees, Registration for classes & others. If you are unsure which plan you should be booking, please call the office for more details at:

(437) 226-0043

  • Application Fee

    Pay Your Application/Registration Fee Here...
    • This Application Fee is mandatory for all new registrants...
  • Chaplaincy Program

    Full Course Fee: $3,500.00 + taxes for New Registrants
    • Become Registered, Licensed & Certified in 6-8 Months!
  • Chaplaincy Program

    Every month
    Minimum Deposit to Begin the Program is $250.00
    • Payments arrangements are flexible!
  • Crisis Training

    Crisis Training Workshop & Certification Program
    • Understand the dynamics of hostility, anger & more...
  • Anger Management

    Anger Management Program for all Chaplains or Individuals
    • Handle your anger issues and build healthy family habits
  • Marriage Program

    Chaplains Marriage Officiant Program for Certified Chaplains
    • Obtain a Marriage License to legally perform weddings
  • Volunteers

    This is perfect for those who want to volunteer at COOCC
    Free Plan
    • Volunteer and administer to those who are less fortunate!
    • Volunteer at other institutions or go on an excursions!
    • Get the hands-on experience!
  • Membership Renewal

    Every year
    Yearly Membership Renewal for Certified & Ordained Chaplains
    • Membership Renewal Due Dates: December 1st, 2020/21/22
    • This is to keep your Badge & ID Card VALID!!!
  • Finishing School

    Chaplains Finishing School is to teach proper etiquette
    • You will learn proper etiquette training. All ages from 16+
    • Life skills & more...
    • This is excellent for Auxiliary Chaplains in Training
  • Pulpit Training

    Perfect for Chaplains who want to open a church ministry
    Free Plan
    • Learn how to run your own ministry effectively!
  • First Aid Training

    Perfect for Chaplains to receive Basic First Aid Training
    • This is a refresher for all Chaplains & New Students
    • Starts at $70.00 depending on level of First Aid required!
  • Communion Training

    Chaplains will learn how to administer communion
    Free Plan
    • You will learn various ways of administering communion
  • MHFA Workshop

    Mental Health First Aid Workshop
    • Prepare to interact confidently about mental health issues
  • COOCC Mental Health

    Chaplains Mental Health Awareness Program
    • Mental Health First Aid
    • Learn to assist individuals with mental health issues
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