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COOCC Toronto

You don't have to be a Chaplain to become a member with us. This is a 'UNIQUE'' opportunity to be a part and work amongst a beautiful & wonderful family of Chaplains who reach out to ALL communities no matter the religion, faith, or denomination. This is what the Lord has taught us to do! What are the benefits of becoming a member? Learn how...

We Are Now Accepting New Applications!!!

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Membership cost is "FREE"

Membership is 'Free' as we help you build your character through the Holy Spirit in a positive way. You will have more balance and direction in your life. You are welcome to give a 'donation' if you feel it in your spirit to do so, for the blessing that you are about to receive. You are not obligated!

Volunteers Packing Food

Feed the Less Fortunate

As a 'Member of COOCC' you can join us when we go to feed those who are less fortunate.

Image by Jametlene Reskp

Benefits: You have access to...

As a member, you will have access to:

  • Mini prayers from our Chaplain Family & Licensed Partners.

  • Discounts with membership card

  • Private & Group teaching that summarizes various scriptures in the Bible.

  • Partake in communion with us

  • Volunteer with us in the community

  • Teach with Children-Youths-Seniors

  • And so much more...

Image by Geda Žyvatkauskaitė

You can join us...

As a 'Member of COOCC' you can join us when we have Bible Studies, Fasting, Prayer & Communion online by Video Conference. Be a part of our outreach team. "Iron sharpeneth Iron". Give us a call for more information at: (437) 226-0043 or fill out a Membership Application. It's that easy! We will be taking *New* Membership Applications commencing  February 23rd, 2022

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