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Chaplain of the Month
Jan & Feb 2024

Donne Foster

ID Photo_Donne Foster_Mar 19_2022_adobe_express.png

Chaplain Donne Foster

has been chosen as

Chaplain of the Month


Jan & Feb 2024


Congratulations to the 'Man of God', who is so kind, giving & so faithful. We are honoured to designate you as Chaplain of the Month for January & February 2024. Thank you for your continued work in the various communities in the province of New Brunswick and your interest in the Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation. The 'ZEALOUS' spirit you have is inspiring. Your support is appreciated, You're good deeds & work do follow you. We have been watching you grow over the years with Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation, and we are so proud of your achievements & accomplishments. We are glad to have you as one of our Chaplain Family. What a way to start the New Season 2024!

You are a special Chaplain who is also dedicated to the Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation. May God continue to richly bless you and your family...

Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation Family...

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