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COOCC Mental Health Safety Awareness (Workshop)




1.5 Hours

About the Chaplaincy Program

This Mental Health Safety Awareness Course includes instruction about eating disorders and deliberate self-injury. Chaplains and/or Participants who take this course are well prepared to interact confidently about mental health with the young people in their lives, including at schools, extra-curricular activities, social services, family, friends, and communities.

Chaplains, Student Chaplains in Training, Members and/or Participants who take this workshop will be given a basic overview of what they will be learning and what they will be training for. This workshop gives you new insight as to how you will be preparing to interact confidently about the mental health issues with adults, youths and seniors.

Note: You must take the Workshop first before joining the Actual Program.

Your Instructor

Rev. Michelle Harper

Head Senior Chaplain - Trainer

Rev. Michelle Harper
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