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Chaplaincy Certification Training Program




6 - 8 Months

About the Chaplaincy Program

Thank you for your interest in our Chaplaincy Certificate Training Program! Congratulations on making a GREAT decision to want to become a Chaplain through the Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation

This is an online program and it is also a Hands-On training course in class for those who are in Mississauga, Toronto and a few more of our training locations.

At the Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation, students are bringing their desire to serve the Lord to life every single day by pursuing one of the soundest professional careers in the world: To become a Registered, Licensed and Certified Chaplain through Chaplains Office of Canada Corporation. Whatever area of ministry you have chosen, or feel the Lord is directing you in faith, the Chaplaincy Program will make sure you reach that goal. You do NOT need to get a 'bachelors' and/or a 'masters in theology' to do this program!

It is very important that you understand the work of a Chaplain and the dedication you are making to serve God through this very special ministry. You will become part of our Chaplain Family and will have many opportunities with hands-on experience to become one of the greatest Chaplains serving others in need while bringing them to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Some of the areas you will be going into are Counselling, how to conduct different funeral services for a child, accident-suicide, non-Christian, Child blessings, administering communion in different situations. Baptism, Chaplain ministry in action, military, disaster, emergency and your responsibilities both legal and from a security position in the community or anywhere you go around the world. Most of these services are hands-on training along with Video Conferencing, especially for those who are out of town.

As students begin their journey to become a Chaplain, students will be instructed in different areas of Christian counseling and full chaplaincy procedures. Throughout the program, workshops are taught to specialize in chaplaincy service. (For example: Grief Counseling, Christian Motivation, Hospital, Missions, Crisis Training, Jail/Prison Ministry, Funeral services & many more...) Students are sent out to participate in excursions where their skills will be applied!

Many Chaplains do volunteer and work in Hospitals and missions from our group and represent multiple faiths acting as a neutral spiritual resource. Chaplains serve with the Chaplains Office of Canada Corp mainly to win souls for Christ and help them fulfill their desire to help others.

We are pleased to announce that we are a 'Federal Corporation' right throughout Canada, coast-to-coast, globally & recognized internationally throughout the Caribbean, Africa, UK & more countries...

All Ordained Chaplains will be listed in our National Registry List, as active and in good standing throughout Canada & Nationwide. You can start our course right away once your references and all correspondence have been submitted! There is no time frame to start as you work at your own pace, at your own leisure and on your own time.

This Chaplaincy Program is appropriate for anyone continuing education, has their own ministry or is applying for a new job as a Chaplain. It is very easy to do online training as you will be training with an instructor along with other students globally.

COOCC Registration-Application Form
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Your Instructor

Rev. Chaplain Michelle

Head Senior Chaplain - Instructor Trainer

Rev. Chaplain Michelle
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