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COOCC Chaplains Conference - December 10th, 2022

What a wonderful time we had at our 5th Annual COOCC Chaplains Conference in December 2022. This was an Online by Video Conference & In-Person Event. Thank you to all attended. It was successful. All Chaplains Conferences are held quarterly throughout the year.

Updates & Topics from the Dec 10th, 2022 - Chaplains Conference

For those Chaplains who missed or who were not able to attend any of the Chaplains Conferences, here are some of the topics that were discussed:

Dress Codes

COOCC COVID-19 Conference Measures 2022-23

Chaplains Quarterly Annual Conference Future Protocols

On-Going Classes

Bible Studies & Prayer Sessions

Mini-Workshop Class

New Programs On-Going

Chaplains Manual

Just a reminder to ALL Chaplains, Auxiliary Chaplains, New Student Chaplains in Training, Colleagues, Licensed Partners & Volunteers, it is 'Mandatory' for you to attend the conferences to keep you updated at all times.

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